Experience Hope
Sundays @ 9am & 11am

We're not your mother's church, but she is welcome. We are a diverse group of people who are God-Centered and Christ-Driven to provide God's Hope and love to all.

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  • Alisha Russell

    Today was my first time going, I loved the experience, very nice people, good music. I definitely want to return and possibly make this a home church.

  • Zen Jen

    Very nice people and a delightful service.

  • Smith Robert

    Thank you for your love and kindness and warm welcome!

  • Tony Keith Hummel

    This is a wonderful place. Everyone is very nice and welcoming. They really make new comers feel welcome.

  • Tanika Rosenbaum

    Love and kindness in abundance here! :)

  • Jane Murdock

    Feeling completely at home!

  • Alisha Ann Rivers

    I recommend people to go to Community Church of Hope you will have the best experience and feeling there they make you feel comfortable and at home.I love the place and the people.

  • Sharon Bonham

    First time here today. Was welcomed by several people and to feel very comfortable . Enjoyed myself and the fellowship. Would recommend this church and will be back next Sunday

  • Curt Hatcher

    At CCH everyone is accepted and all are treated equally. Our pastor Rev. Patrick Stout has much experience and is a tremendously effective and open-minded spiritual leader.