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Community Church of Hope was established in 1996 by the LGBTQ community as a spiritual center. We are a diverse group of people who are God-centered and Christ-driven to provide Hope and Love to ALL...more

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Two A/C’s needed to be replaced (they died). We were able to pay for them with our savings. Now, we have the opportunity to pay ourselves back…setting aside money again for what we might need next. What a great feeling to have that money and just be able to pay for the A/C’s and have them installed.

Below, you see a picture of the cranes installing the A/C’s along with the wall we have set up for a fundraiser to recoup our savings account.

Each square totals $100.00. You can give that amount or any part of it. Each time we have gifts totaling $100.00, we will cover the white paper with a colored paper to create a gigantic rainbow flag. The names of all who gave to make up the $100.00 will be placed on that colored paper.

You can give on Sundays at the services, you can give here our with your credit or debit card thruPayPal (both can be used from the website).
We need to raise $6,000.00 and you can be a part of this great challenge.

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