A team of preachers is responsible for the sermons at our Sunday morning services. This team is made up of women and men who have been trained and are consistently growing and learning as they live their own spiritual journeys. They teach, inspire, lead, encourage and challenge us.
This team is also made up of women and men who are available for pastoral needs which can include: hospital and hospice ministry, funerals and memorial services and various types of assistance. They are available to regular attendees of the church as well as others who might need their assistance.They can always be reached by calling the church phone number at 602-234-2180 or sending an e-mail to:
The administrative team is responsible for the “business” side of the church. They oversee the legal and governmental matters pertaining to the church, finances and daily needs of the church. This team is also made up of women and men who are charged with keeping the vision of the church on track and organizing events and activities. Contact the front office for information concerning weddings, building use and the church calendar at 602-234-2180 or e-mail at:
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