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Nurturing Spirituality, Fostering Diversity, and Embracing Love Since 1996

Our History

Founded in 1996 by the LGBTQ+ community, Community Church of Hope is a beacon of inclusion and spiritual support. Our journey spans decades, rooted in a commitment to providing Hope and Love to ALL, standing testament to the enduring relevance of our mission.

Our Team

At Community Church of Hope, our team is a vibrant tapestry of individuals, each bringing unique talents and heartfelt dedication to our community. Together, we strive to embody the spirit of unity, compassion, and service that defines our church.

Our Community

At Community Church of Hope, we proudly embrace diversity and inclusivity, serving LGBTQ+ individuals and allies with open hearts. Children are not just welcome but cherished in all our activities, with dedicated facilities, including a restroom with a changing table and a quiet/play room equipped with a monitor and speaker broadcasting the current service.

Our Sermons.

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Our Events.

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University of Hope

Come join us with the opportunities of University of Hope. Our instructors and classes provide learning experiences that focus on personal “Life Skills and Community Building.”

Hopeful Happenings:

Monthly Affirmations

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