Let us together embrace the beauty of spiritual rebirth and the everlasting grace that baptism brings.

Celebrate the profound journey of faith with our, baptismal services we offer at Community Church of Hope. We extend a warm invitation to individuals seeking baptism opportunities.

Our baptisms are placed to share moments of joy, renewal, and spiritual commitment. Whether for infants, children, or adults, our dedicated team is here to guide you through the significance and preparations for this transformative experience.

At Community Church of Hope, we cherish the opportunity to be part of these blessings, fostering a sense of community, love, and divine connection. For inquiries or to schedule a baptism, please contact us.

Celebrations of Life

A sacred space for remembrance, reflection, and collective support.

Our celebration of life services extends a compassionate and supportive hand during a time of grief, offering a dignified celebration of your loved one. Rooted in respect for diverse traditions and beliefs, our ceremonies provide a sacred space for remembrance, reflection, and collective support.

At CCH memorial service incorporates readings, music, sharing from family, friends and comfort for loved ones. Our pastor will meet with loved ones in advance to plan the service.


Capture the essence of your unique love story

We fully support marriage for couples of all sexual orientations. Our wedding services are tailored to transform your celebration, capturing the essence of your unique love story. At Community Church of Hope we can provide a supporting environment and co-create a ceremony to celebrate your personal needs.

Prayer Requests

Spiritual support during your moments of need

In times of joy, sorrow, or uncertainty, our hearts are open to receive and uplift through the power of prayer. At Community Church of Hope, we invite you to share your prayer requests, allowing our community to join in spiritual support during your moments of need.

Our dedicated team recognizes the strength found in collective prayer, and we are honored to be a conduit for your intentions. Whether you seek solace, guidance, or blessings, your prayer requests will be held in confidence, surrounded by the warmth of compassion and a network of caring hearts.

Submit your prayer requests to (link) and let us be a source of comfort and strength on your spiritual journey. Together, we embrace the power of prayer to bring solace, healing, and divine intervention to those in need. – embedded form instead of link – [email protected]